KMEW Visit

We recently welcomed our friends from KMEW to our head office in Darra. KMEW are the manufacturer of our cladding product, Ceraclad. Ceraclad, is a Japanese pre-finished, ceramic-coated, exterior cladding system. It's quick to install, self-cleaning, environmentally friendly and available in a range of striking finishes.

It doesn't just look good. The photocatalytic finish on Ceraclad triggers an oxidation process when exposed to sunlight. This chemical reaction decomposes the everyday dirt and grime homes are exposed to negating the need for external washing of a home. 

The ceramic coating used on Ceraclad panels has such an effective self-cleaning system Japanese hospitals spray it on their walls to eliminate germs and viruses.

It's also an environmentally friendly building product and the ideal choice for those conscious of their environmental footprint. It's made using 50% recyclable materials and a 165m2 home wrapped with Ceraclad panels emits the same air purification properties each year as 12 poplar trees.