Q&A with Aaron Morris

In the latest edition of Stoddarts Q&A we spoke to our National Sales Manager, Aaron Morris. Aaron has been in the industry over 30 years starting as an apprentice roofer as a teenager and has been an instrumental part of the Stoddart team for over a decade. Aaron's product knowledge is exceptional but it's his passion for people that drives everything he does. Aaron answered questions including how he manages a team spread across over 3000km and the best book he's read. 

Transcript: The best part of my job is the interaction with the staff and the customers who challenge me every day to be a better business leader. How do I manage a team from Cairns to Warnabull? It's about employing the best people, giving them the best tools and empowering them to be the best in industry. How are things changing for sales teams in 2017? I think it's about enhancing the sales team in the social and digital platforms to deliver on our customer expectations. Today it's all about Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram and we need to ensure we're working with our customers to deliver exceptional results. What's the best book I've read? Anything by Richard Branson. Here's a gentleman that epitomises customer service. He has a saying if you treat your staff right they'll treat your customers right and I think that's the culture we have at the Stoddart Group. What am I most excited about in the next 12 months? Innovation and sustainable solutions. It's keeping ahead of emerging trends and challenging ourselves every day to deliver what our customers want.