10 Reasons to Put Solar on a New Home

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10 Reasons to Put Solar On a New Home

Solar energy is in the news a lot - and often touted as the future. When building a new house, builders and buyers should consider whether to add solar panels to new construction or not. The fact is energy prices are rising and more and more people want to benefit from solar power.

Here are ten good reasons why you should put solar panels on a new home:

1. As more and more people want solar panels, the value of a home with solar increases. The market has moved towards solar acceptance and the product is in demand. This is particularly true in Australia, where more than two million households already have a solar system.

2. When solar is installed at the time of construction, the entire home can be properly designed to take advantage of solar power. You can, for example, angle the home on the lot to give a nice expanse of north-facing roof. You can also plan roof layout and landscaping to prevent shading and ensure that there is space for PV inverters and other equipment.

3. It is cheaper to install solar power systems during the build phase.

4. Builders offering solar stand out from the crowd -  it shows a company that’s environmentally savvy, knowledgeable, and forward-thinking.

5. The government pays for some of the system through rebates plus your customers benefit from feed-in tariffs.  

6. The law may one day require it. Although Australia's Renewable Energy Target has not gone as far as to start mandating solar panels on new construction, San Francisco has already started requiring rooftop solar on new construction and France has a law that partially mandates it. Some smaller cities are also doing it - and it is not at all impossible that jurisdictions in Australia will follow suit. Builders who are ready for this will be at a major advantage compared to those who are not.

7. Electricity rates are rising all the time. Even without feed-in tariffs, a reduction in payment will be attractive to new home buyers, especially if they are educated about the cost comparison between solar systems and continuing to get your electricity from the grid. It typically takes five years to pay off the initial investment, but because it is integrated into the price of the home, customers will notice a return faster than if they simply bought a system.

8. Solar panels can be more reliable for people who are at the edge of the grid than grid power - and need no fuel. If you are building in a location where most people have generators solar panels can, at least during the day, reduce or even eliminate the need for a generator.

9. By building the system into the house at the start you can ensure that the roof type is correct. You can avoid slate roofs (which tend to crack under the weight) and asphalt roofs (which tend to need to be replaced or repaired before the panels do, increasing expense).

10. With battery prices on the way down it makes sense to install a large solar a solar system on your new home, at a significantly lower cost than after construction. This will ensure that your new home will be battery ready when batteries become more affordable.