The Benefits of Ceraclad®


Safety, Convenience, and Design: 3 Features that give Ceraclad® the Edge

When it comes to choosing your external cladding, you want to make sure that you pick the very best available. Considering the regular wear and tear a home experiences, including extremes of heat and intense elements, it's vital to focus on products with integrity. That's where Ceraclad® comes in.

Developed in Japan, Ceraclad® cladding is a pre-finished, ceramic-coated cladding option that gives you the triple benefits of easy maintenance, superior safety, and a sleek aesthetic.

With over 50 years of professional experience with world-class exteriors here at Stoddart Group, we feel confident standing behind the benefits of Ceraclad®.


Aesthetics: Versatile, Modern, and Long-Lasting

We understand the importance of aesthetics when it comes to a home's exteriors. The outside of a house is what faces the rest of the world: you want it to be stylish, sleek, and modern. Ceraclad® offers versatile design options that can fit well into anyone's concept. Interested in a more classic, wood look? Ceraclad® offers several ranges of wood-toned panels that emulate those classic walnut and oak finishes. With a wide range of colours and textures, there's a Ceraclad® panel that fits every design vision.

Ceraclad® can be used to design and develop a variety of sleek exteriors to fit the vision for any new home. And with Ceraclad®’s 30 Year Colour Test, you know you're investing in a quality look that lasts.

Convenience: Cladding that looks after itself

Once installed, you'll benefit from the extra convenience of Ceraclad®'s self-cleaning panels.

This self-cleaning mechanism is based on Ceraclad®'s ability to trigger an oxidation process when exposed to sunlight. Also known as a photocatalytic capacity, this means that all the sunlight shining down on your exteriors will work in your benefit. The oxidation process decomposes dirt and grime that naturally accrues on your home, with no extra effort on your part.

And it's not just dirt and grime. The oxidation process also destroys other types of unwanted
growth on your cladding, erasing mould or mildew before they even have a chance to take hold
in most circumstances. Not only will homeowners save money by not having to power wash or
invest in exterior cleaning, but they won't have to put the time in to constantly check for mould
and mildew cropping up. The photocatalytic coating which is the top coating of CERACLAD
panel is so sophisticated, it's used in Japanese hospitals to eliminate germs and viruses.

Safety: Conscientious features for the Environment and You

We're proud to stand behind products that fit our standards for safety. As we mentioned before, the photocatalytic coating is so safe that it's used on the walls in Japanese hospitals. The ceramic coating is a safe and non-toxic material that's in cookware, tableware, and biomedical implants.

In addition, Ceraclad® offers protection for you and your family. It's code marked up to BAL 40 for bushfires, which means you can feel safe with Ceraclad panels whether you're in the city or out in the country.

Remember that oxidation process that makes Ceraclad® self-cleaning? Well, this photocatalytic property also makes for an environmentally conscious product. Every 80 square metres of Ceraclad® produces the same amount of air purification as six poplar trees. In addition, the panels are made of 50% recyclable materials, making it the ideal product for the environmentally conscious consumer.

Ceraclad® not only looks and performs great, it's also backed by the Stoddart Group Seal of Approval. With over 50 years of experience, 38 branches, and 2000 contractors, we know a great building material when we see it. And we're so impressed with Ceraclad® that we've secured the exclusive Australian distribution rights. If you're interested in installing panels that offer sleek design, low maintenance, and peace of mind, contact us today.