Chain Reaction Charity Ride Journey for 2019

For the second year running, Stoddart Group was a major sponsor of the Chain Reaction Foundation Charity Ride. This year the riders rode over 1000km from Sydney to Melbourne over 7 days across challenging terrain in March – all for the kids.

Stuart McCormick who represented the Stoddart Group rode with the 10-strong Henley Properties team. Along with Stuart, Geoff Medwin and Alf Massuger from Stoddart also joined the group to ride on Day 6. They rode for 121km, from Mansfield to the top of Mount Buller and back to Mansfield.

All proceeds from the ride went to the Starlight Children’s Foundation and Very Special Kids.

Stoddart Team.jpg

Here’s what Stuart had to say about the journey:

This was a life-changing experience. From the charity and travel experience to the challenges presented on daily rides, this experience was grueling and humbling at the same time.

They certainly weren't kidding when using the term 'Challenge' in their promotional campaign! The comradery between teams, riders and support crew was simply awesome. For me, another highlight was hearing stories from families who had used the services of both Starlight Foundation and Very Special Kids at dinner each night.

Whilst my legs may have been tired, you really gain perspective quickly hearing from a young family who have been in and out of Hospital for 18 months unable to live a normal life. There was a real theme of gratitude and appreciation from everyone involved.

Sincere gratitude to the charity partners, organisers, riders, families and sponsors. Also, a special shout out to F and M Fabricators who were my major sponsor for the week - a great business to be involved with!

The Chain Reaction Foundation is an amazing organisation. All the volunteers and staff are so willing to help riders out from filling water bottles to massages (much needed) after a long day. I would recommend this ride challenge to anyone, even if you're not a rider now, I would jump at an opportunity like this again!

We’re so proud of everyone who joined the ride to help raise money for two amazing organisations.

To see the full journey and how much they were able to raise, click here.

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