Supporting Women In Industry

Stoddart Group is paving the way for female representation in what is a typically
male dominated industry.

Women account for 25% of Stoddart’s workforce and this number is growing. Talking to Stoddart Group's Governing Director, Jon Stoddart, it's clear the group's commitment to equality is one that stems from the very top.

“As a father of three daughters, equality in the workforce is something that is very close to my heart and is something I work hard to see in action throughout all of the Group,” Mr Stoddart said.

“I am proud to say we have female representation at all levels of our organisation, from the manufacturing floor through to senior management.

“Our philosophy is to hire the best and empower them to be better and we are very supportive of the growth and development of the team.”

Stoddart Group is proud to be a sponsor of the HIA Women in Building & Construction Industry Awards and is looking forward to continuing to foster and support the growth of women in the industry.