Care and Maintenance

How do I look after my Ceraclad?

As a first step, wash dirt off with water and a soft cloth or sponge first.  If more cleaning is required, use mild, diluted detergent. Do not use any type of solvent, or scrub panels with an abrasive material which will damage the panels coating. Do not use a pressure washer, only use low pressure water hose.

Do I need to wash my Ceraclad® exterior?

No – one of the best things about Ceraclad® is that it's self cleaning in the sun and rain. If you would like to further clean your exterior we recommend a wash-down with clean water. This is best with a regular hose as a gurney may strip the coating. 

What do I do if there is damage to my Ceraclad®?

Contact your builder for more information.

How does Ceraclad® clean itself?

Ceraclad® is photocatalytic which means it triggers an oxidation process when exposed to UV. This chemical reaction decomposes the everyday dirt and grime your home is exposed to so you don’t have to wash the outside of your home. 

Will my Ceraclad® fade?

Ceraclad®’s weather resistant test proves the superior quality of Ceraclad®’s ceramic coating when compared with an acrylic coat. When subjected to continuous cycles of UV rays and water equivalent to 30 years exposure, colour loss is barely detectable to the human eye.

Do I need to re-paint?

No. You should not repaint regular organic coating on the Ceraclad® panels.