Designed to Impress

Ceraclad® is a Japanese pre-finished, ceramic-coated exterior cladding system made popular worldwide due to its stylish finish, extreme durability and self-cleaning capabilities, making it virtually maintenance-free.

CERACLAD is a long lasting, energy and resource efficient building product.

Ceraclad® is the ideal choice for those conscious of their environmental footprint as its panels are made using 44% recyclable materials. In fact, because its photocatalytic coating emulates photosynthesis, 80m2 of Ceraclad® panels emits the same air purification properties each year as 6 poplar trees.


The Ceraclad Edge

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CERACLAD® is photocatalytic which means it triggers an oxidation process when exposed to UV. This chemical reaction decomposes the everyday dirt and grime your home is exposed to so you don’t have to wash the outside of your home.

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Fire Safety

CERACLAD® is Codemarked to be built in areas with a bush fire rating including and up to BAL 40. This means the product can be used in the city and country alike.

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Modern Design

A home that’s truly you. Our range of exterior profiles are sleek, striking and have been chosen with the Australian lifestyle and preference for modern design in mind.

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CERACLAD® is virtually maintenance-free, meaning you won’t have to undertake yearly cleaning, staining or checks for mould, mildew or rot, saving you time and money. Note: we are not able to guarantee for mould, mildew or rot-free.

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30 Year Colour Test

CERACLAD® is proven to withstand the elements with rigorous testing showing ceramic coating is far superior to other painted fibre cement products available in the market.

Sephiro Wood - Oak

Product code - NH4055U 

Sephiro Oak.jpg

Sephiro Wood - walnut

Product code - NH4056U

Sephiro Walnut.jpg

Sephiro Wood - smoke

Product code - NH4058U

480 Lakeside - 2.jpg
Sephiro Smoke.jpg

Fiotto - black

Product code - NH3756U

Fiotto Black.jpg

modern slit - white

Product code - NH3981U

Modern Slit White.jpg

Directone - white

Product code - NH3641A

Directone Whitee.jpg

If you are building a new home and want Ceraclad for your new property, please contact your builder directly. For all other inquiries regarding our cladding products, please feel free to use our contact form below.