Stoddart Cladding provides fast, affordable and beautiful alternatives to traditional external cladding that can result in a cleaner, faster and more cost-effective build.

Our customers rest assured knowing that Stoddarts has stood the test of time. We've backed our work for the last 6 decades and we'll still be standing by it in 60 years.


  • DESIGN– the best solutions for your designs

  • ESTIMATING– the right product at the right price

  • SUPPLY– innovative products for your build

  • INSTALLATION– installed on-site by accredited contractors

  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT – the knowledge and expertise to find the best solution

  • QUALITY ASSURANCE – we conduct pre and post installation inspections

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We service South-east Queensland, Newcastle, Sydney and Adelaide

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We're a specialist contracting company

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Backed by 60 years of Stoddart Group stability.

We're here for the long-run, we will deliver

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165m2 in Ceraclad is equivalent to planting 12 poplar trees and it's self-cleaning

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If things go wrong, we’re there to make it right.


• Residential houses (up to 2 stories)

• Retirement and lifestyle resorts


  • Ceraclad ceramic-coated, pre-finished panels with a range of beautiful finishes

  • STAAC WALL 50mm AAC panels that give the same finish as rendered brick

  • Various coating/ render systems


If you are building a new home and want Ceraclad or STAAC WALL for your new property, please contact your builder directly. For all other inquiries regarding our cladding products, please feel free to use our contact form below.