Stoddart Cladding provides fast, affordable and beautiful alternatives to traditional external cladding that can result in a cleaner, faster and more cost-effective build.

Our customers rest assured knowing that Stoddarts has stood the test of time. We've backed our work for the last 6 decades and we'll still be standing by it in 60 years.


  • DESIGN– the best solutions for your designs

  • ESTIMATING– the right product at the right price

  • SUPPLY– innovative products for your build

  • INSTALLATION– installed on-site by accredited contractors

  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT – the knowledge and expertise to find the best solution

  • QUALITY ASSURANCE – we conduct pre and post installation inspections

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We service South-east Queensland, Newcastle, Sydney and Adelaide

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We're a specialist contracting company

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Backed by 55+ years of Stoddart Group stability.

We're here for the long-run, we will deliver

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165m2 in Ceraclad is equivalent to planting 12 poplar trees and it's self-cleaning

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If things go wrong, we’re there to make it right.


  • • Residential houses (up to 2 stories)

    • Retirement and lifestyle resorts


  • Ceraclad ceramic-coated, pre-finished panels with a range of beautiful finishes

  • STAAC WALL 50mm AAC panels that give the same finish as rendered brick

  • Various coating/ render systems