dedicated support line

We have a dedicated 1300 number providing support for customers with one of our Energy systems.



We have recently launched our latest product, SunYield by Stoddart Group in the Queensland market. SunYield® allows both the landlord and the tenant to benefit from solar on new build rental properties.

In an Australian-first, we've automated and simplified the billing and the landlord can either sell the power to their tenant or sell it directly back to the grid if the tenant chooses not to buy it.

Add more power

Every home is different and every family has a unique energy usage profile.

It’s almost impossible to estimate how much power you’ll need before you move into your new home. However once you’ve lived in your new home for about 6 months, we should have enough data to better estimate the optimal number of solar panels and battery capacity.

This data will also help us to recommend other things you can do to reduce your usage and power costs like
connecting to the best tariffs and managing your major household loads like air conditioning, hot water and pool

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