What is Rain-screen system?

Ceraclad® panels are rebated to form hidden laps and are fixed with 15mm thickness clip to form a drained and ventilated cavity. The system incorporates a primary and secondary means of weather resistance against water penetration by separating the cladding from the external wall framing with 15mm drained and ventilated cavity.

How does Rain-screen system work?

Rain-screen system can protect house from rain damage by securing first and second line of defense. The added ventilation also prevents house from absorbing heat.

Rain System.PNG

What coatings have been used on my panel?

Ceraclad® has ceramic coating which have stronger molecular bond against UV than regular organic coating such as acrylic paint. The UV absorbers in the ceramic coating delay the colour fading of Ceraclad®. Ceraclad® is proven to withstand the elements with rigorous testing showing the colour lasts around 30 years under some certain circumstances.

Is it true that Ceraclad® has Air Purification function?

Yes – Ceraclad® have the decomposition power works against harmful substances such as waste gases contained in the atmosphere. The air purification capability of 80m2 of the photocatalytic coating is the equivalent of 6 poplar trees.