We go above and beyond to deliver the best experience for our customers. Whether it be design support, technical advice, complex installations or meeting our warranty obligations, Stoddarts has the knowledge, capacity and resources to get the job done.

Our customers rest assured knowing that Stoddarts has stood the test of time. We’ve backed our work for the last 6 decades and we’ll still be standing by it in 60 years.


  • DESIGN – we detail your drawings for the most cost effective steel solution

  • ESTIMATING – the right product at the right price

  • WORK PLANNING – the right products when you need them

  • PRE AND POST INSPECTIONS – we do the checks to make sure the job runs smoothly

  • INSTALLATION – installed quickly and to a high standard

  • SAFETY – the job done safely and right

  • SUPPORT – if you have an issue we’ll be there to make it right

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We service the entire eastern seaboard.

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We have unrivalled industry experience and expertise in our staff and expansive sub-contractor network.

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Backed by 60 years of Stoddart Group stability.

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We have the largest supply and installation capacity in the country.

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We can complete complex jobs.

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We protect you, us and the contractor.


  • Residential houses

  • Multi-res projects up to 3 storeys

  • Retirement and community homes


  • COLORBOND® Roofing

  • Steel Battens

  • COLORBOND® Fascia

  • COLORBOND® Gutter

  • Downpipes - COLORBOND® & PVC

  • Anticon Blanket

  • Sarking

  • Roof Vents

Our Profiles

Our roofing comes in a number of profiles and colours to suit every need.