The Stoddart Difference

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Safety in the workplace is central to our business beliefs and we believe all workers deserve to go home safe and sound. Our risk management system covers activities to facilitate a safer environment and we provide training for our staff to identify and maintain safe workplaces and habits.

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Our quotes are fast, clear and all-inclusive thanks to our tried and tested quoting methods. Plus we can work with your teams to optimise plans for our products to help you save money and time on site.

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Our local teams work with builders to ensure smooth delivery and installation ensuring we're providing you with the right products, exactly when you need them. We check in to confirm your site is ready for delivery and resolve any last minute issues; then we despatch products quickly and efficiently.

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With well-established training programs and strict procedures, our experienced staff and skilled contractors get the job done safely and efficiently. You’ll have peace of mind knowing our dedicated site supervisor oversees installation and completes regular inspections before, during and after installation.

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Our support doesn’t end when our tools go down. We check in regularly until your project is finished to ensure you have everything you need and we back our work with extensive product warranties and our seven-year installation policy. We have the tools to avoid mistakes and the resources to fix them if they happen.


Stoddart stability

Our customers rest assured knowing that Stoddarts has stood the test of time. We've stood by our work for the last 6 decades. We have five product divisions, locations across four states, a team of 500+ staff, 2,000+ contractors and work on 25,000+ homes each year.

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Our History

Our business was started in 1959 by two brothers, Tom and Albert Stoddart. In 1978 we moved into supplying building products for new homes being built in Brisbane. Initially, we were formed by supplying and installing metal fascia and gutter and in 1991, under the leadership of Jon Stoddart, the Stoddart Group was formed and since this time, our product range has grown significantly.