Our team, many of whom started their careers as installers, understand the garage doors business inside-out and provide the service, stability and range that make getting the job done easy.

In addition to our range of COLORBOND® we are proud to offer a large range of fully customisable doors including aluminium, acrylic and solid timber doors.

Our customers rest assured knowing that Stoddarts has stood the test of time. We've backed our work for the last 6 decades and we'll still be standing by it in 60 years.


  • DESIGN – the best solutions for your designs

  • ESTIMATING – combine a range of products and benefits

  • INSTALLATION – installed on-time and to a high standard

  • SAFETY – the job done safely and right

  • SUPPORT – if you have an issue we’ll be there to make it right

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We service the entire eastern seaboard.

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More than 60 years combined inhouse knowledge in garage doors.

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Backed by 60 years of Stoddart Group stability.

Our custom made doors are unique, striking and built to last.

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We can complete complex jobs.

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If things go wrong, we’re there to make it right.


  • Residential houses

  • Multi-res projects up to 3 storeys

  • Retirement and community homes


  • COLORBOND® panel doors in 4 Profiles and 20+ colours

  • TimberLane® steel doors

  • Roller doors

  • Cyclone-rated doors

  • Custom doors in aluminium, Acrylic, timber and more

  • Quiet motor

  • Range of remote options including Smartphone access


* Surcharge colour

All swatches and images shown have been reproduced to represent actual product colours as accurately as possible. However, we recommend checking your chosen colour against an actual sample of the product before purchasing, as varying light conditions and limitations of the printing process may affect colour tones. Due to the nature of timber look finishes, final products may vary from the above samples. Prices vary between different finishes and it is the customer’s responsibility to understand the costs prior to purchase