Integral Construction Steel Framing site

Our Steel Framing BDM, Paul Gadsby, visited Integral Construction's latest site, a retirement village for Aveo in Morayfield, Brisbane.

Steel frames are a smart framing solution that won't twist, warp or shrink and are 100% termite proof.

More than just a supplier, our Steel Framing team can help you to optimise your designs for steel and provide technical support and training to assist with a smooth transition. 
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Artificial Hands 3D Printer Project

One of our values is “we care for our people” and it’s something we try to live by not just inside our Stoddart walls, but in the wider world in which we operate. One of the ways we do this is through our Darra Satellite Rotary Club, The Helping Hands. The group is made up of employees from all levels and they come together to work on many projects throughout the year to support local and international causes.

One of the club’s latest project is the production of artificial hands for children who have been affected by the landmines in Cambodia.

When it comes to injuries from landmines, Cambodia is one of the most impacted countries in the world with over 25,000 amputations recorded since 1979. The trauma associated with landmine explosions is devastating and according to the Cambodian Red Cross, children account for up to 50 per cent of landmine casualties. There is also an overwhelming number of Cambodian children who are losing limbs, their sight and their hearing as a result of explosions.

Often, children don’t receive artificial limbs because of the costs associated and the speed at which they grow. We have used open source files, provided by a group of volunteers from Enabling the Future to print a low-cost and shorter-term solution with the aim to improve quality of life and allow the kids to do simple childhood activities like catch a ball.

We run a 3D printer five days a week to print the components and then run workshops in our Head Office where team members help with the sanding and assembly of the hands.

 One of the artificial hands for landmine victims before sanding is done

So how do we make a hand?

Over the course of a day, our 3D printer prints all the components needed. Once the hand is printed,  it is manually sanded down and string is attached to provide mobility. Internal padding and Velcro are also added to the hand for comfort. The 3D printer is currently creating one-size-fits-all models and we hope to be able to create custom-made versions for local children in the future.

 Assembled artificial hand for landmine victims in Cambodia

Introducing TimberLane by Stoddart Group


The garage door can account for 30% of a home’s facade and it’s often used more frequently by the owner than the front door.  We’re excited to launch of new range of Stoddart Garage Door finishes, TimberLane by Stoddart Group. These stunning doors combine the strength of steel with the beauty of timber to create a natural-look for your builds.

  • 13 spectacular new colours offering a style to suit every home

  • Available in all four standard door styles

  • Available with doors with window inserts

  • Available with doors up to 5900mm wide


How Termites are Destroying Australian Properties.

There is a common saying that there are only two different types of houses in Australia – the ones that already have termites and those that will eventually get them. At Stoddart Group we know there’s another to add to the list, those with a steel house frame. Termite infestations are becoming increasingly common across Australia and are responsible for more damage to houses in Australia each year than fires, floods or storms (Victorian Building Authority). Concealed in locations that often go undetected, termites destroy timber internally, leaving only a wafer-thin layer to protect them from the outside environment. There is no predictable pattern or height restriction to their damage, with termite-infested sites found in roofs and even high-rise constructions.

A survey conducted by CSIRO reveals that roughly one out of three Australian residences have termites living on their property, making these insects a huge issue here in Australia. Research conducted by the National Association of Steel Framed Houses Inc estimates the annual cost of termite damage in Australia to vary between $80 to $780 million, causing many home owners to face losses of tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

Considerations and Warnings

  • Sometimes termites, which are known as "white ants", are confused with ants, but they're different. One difference is that ants have eyes, while termite workers and soldiers do not. Furthermore, ants have a distinct waistline between their abdomen and thorax, but termites do not have a waist.
  •  Even though there are more than 250 different termite species just a few of them create significant issues for Australian properties such as the Coptotermes Acinaciformis and the Schedorhinotermes Intermedius 
  • Termites are extremely secretive, entering structures via areas, such as through expansion joints, concrete slab cracks and other spots that are out-of-reach to inspection.
  • Home or Building Insurance Policy will NOT cover remedial and repair costs of damage caused by termites to structural and decorative timbers in a building.
  • As mentioned previously, the damage to unprotected homes can be substantial and the repair bill enormous, ranging from an average cost of $7000 to over $100,000 in more severe cases (Building Connection).
  • As well as structural timbers, termites can also chomp their way through furniture, paper products, fabrics, clothing, footwear and even non-cellulose materials like soft plastics, building sealants and rigid foam insulation (Choice).
  • To protect themselves from predators, heat, light and the humidity of the outside environment the worker termites make tunnels to travel back and forth between the nest and the feeding ground (where the damage is caused). Tunnels can be 400 mm deep and 150 metres in radius, with the nests sometimes being up to 100m away from where the workers are foraging.

With our growing love of landscaping in modern times, the abundant use of bark, wood chips and mulch, timber retaining walls and pergolas has created a haven for termites in our backyards which has hugely increased the presence of termites on residential properties. To most people, their most important asset is their home, therefore, it is important to ensure termite protection is a priority for every builder and homeowner.   


Our Steel Framing is 100% termite free and gives homeowners the comfort of knowing their home is protected from these silent destroyers for years to come. Superior to timber in many ways and cost-competitive, steel framing is a must-have option for modern builders.

 Stoddart Group Steel House Framing site 

ICON by Metricon Promotion

Congratulations to the entire team at Metricon on the launch of their Designer Series ICON Collection.

We’re pleased to bring to ICON by Metricon two of Australia’s leading brands, representing the very best in roofing and framing, COLORBOND® steel and TRUECORE® steel.

If you haven't already, you're sure to see this ad on your screens soon.

Steel House Frames Minto

Did you know we manufacture all our Stoddart Steel House Frames in our two facilities in Yatala and Minto?

Our frames are the result of precision detailing, quality manufacturing and skilful installation with an end-product that provides tonnes of benefits for builders and homeowners.

Steel framing is 100% termite free, is not chemically treated and will not warp over time, making for an excellent product today and for years to come.

Want to offer your customers a choice when it comes to framing? Head to Steel House Frames

Introducing SunYield® by Stoddart Group


We are beyond excited to announce the launch of our latest product, SunYield® by Stoddart Group in the Queensland market. SunYield® allows both the landlord and the tenant to benefit from solar on new build rental properties.

In an Australian-first, we've automated and simplified the billing and the landlord can either sell the power to their tenant or sell it directly back to the grid if the tenant chooses not to buy it.

We're thrilled to have leading SEQ investment builders Choice Homes, Fortitude Homes, Brighton Homes and MetInvest including the system as standard on their new investment properties.

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Coral Homes Steel House Framing


We've long loved the benefits of steel framing and it's great to see more builders incorporating this excellent product into their offerings.

Coral Homes is one of our builders really embracing steel framing and looking at this recent progress shot of one of their homes, it's not hard to see why.

More than just a supplier, our team can help with converting plans to steel, technical support, on-site advice, training, project management and certification.

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Custom Garage Door - Paddington

Custom Garage Door

Our Garage Door team are doing amazing things in the custom door market.

Designed to complement the architectural style and increase the overall street appeal of the home, our custom doors are a showstopper.

We're loving the team's latest install, this white timber door looks amazing against the exposed stonework.

Custom Garage Door

Interested in adding custom doors to your offering? Get in touch today.

Custom Garage Door

Henley Charity Bike Ride

Henley Management Team.jpg

The Henley team have arrived in New Zealand and are currently on day 5 of their 1000 km charity bike ride.

The team are raising money for two incredibly worthy causes.

Very Special Kids cares for children with life-threatening conditions by providing a children’s hospice and professional family support services and The Starlight Children's Foundation brightens the lives of seriously ill children and their families by creating unforgettable memories.

With 2 days and 334 km to go, we are wishing all riders the best of luck. To sponsor the Henley team and contribute to these amazing causes, head to

The Benefits of Metal Roofing

Springfield Roof.jpg

You can't find a more durable or safer metal than steel and it’s no surprise that steel is the metal that's the most widely used in construction products.

Here are some of the main benefits of using metal roofing on new residential homes.

Designed for Australian Weather

A huge benefit of steel roofing is that it's made for Australia's challenging weather conditions. Because a steel roof is remarkably secure, safe and weather tight, it doesn't peel, crack or rust. Steel roofing can withstand harsh weather and won't fracture during hailstorms. A metal roof doesn't soak up water, so it doesn't add additional water to a structure's frame.

Safety Features

A steel roof is one of the safest roofs a homeowner can find. In addition to being able to endure severe Australian weather conditions, a steel roof is non-combustible, meaning it doesn't spark.

Lightweight & Quality

Even though steel roofing is incredibly strong and durable, it's also exceptionally lightweight. An average metal roof only weighs about 1.5 tonnes, which is a little less than the weight of a regular vehicle meaning there’s less load on your frame.

More Than Thirty Colour Options

When it comes to colour options, there's a rainbow of colours from which to choose. Keep in mind that Stoddart supplies and installs roofing and rainwater products in more than 30 colours and finishes.

When deciding on a colour, choose one that can complement the colour and style of your house. Because colour reproductions on a computer screen can vary, it's best to check a specific shade against an actual sample of a product before making a purchase. 

Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

Many Australians choose steel roofing because of its energy efficiency. Steel roofs are environmentally friendly. In fact, at the end of its life, a steel roof is 100 percent recyclable. This is not the case for other roofing materials. 

If you’re a builder looking for a supplier that’s reliable and goes above and beyond, get in touch with our team today.

International Women's Day

IWD Lunch LinkedIn.png

It was International Women's Day on the 8th of March and we were proud to sponsor the AWIC lunch celebrating the important role women play in this phenomenal industry.

We have female representation at all levels of our organisation, from the manufacturing floor through to senior management and we love what this adds to our business.

It's great to be part of events like today where we all come together to recognise and celebrate the fantastic women in the industry, and those who support them.

Custom Garage Doors


History, commitment and service are just some of the things that set us apart, but all these mean nothing if they're not paired with the best products.

Our custom Garage Doors are an excellent example of how we provide our customers with unique products that can complement their stunning designs.

When it comes to these doors, your creativity can be the start of something truly spectacular.

To learn more about our custom doors head to

Head Office Solar Panels

We are proud to provide our customers with smart and innovative energy solutions and are firm believers in practising what we preach.

Our head office and warehouse in Darra is powered by 363 solar panels and it's just one of the ways we are contributing to a more eco-friendly environment and the future of sustainable energy.

We see a future where every new home can power itself and are proud to be well on our way towards making this a reality.