Reprogramming your Stoddart Garage Door  remote

  1. Press the red learn button once.
  2. Once you see BU on the display, press and hold a button on your handset until the light on the motor flashes rapidly and goes out, then release the button on the handset. 
  3. Now test that the handset works by pressing the same button on the handset. 
  4. If the handset didn't code or you need to code in more handsets, repeat steps 1 to 3. 





Deleting Handsets from a motor

When handsets have been lost and you need to ensure that the lost handsets can not be used again. 

  1. Press the red learn button once so BU appears on the display. 
  2. Then press and hold the green confirm button until the motor light flashes rapidly and goes out. 
  3. All handsets should now be deleted and the motor is now ready to receive new handsets. 

Inching your stoddart garage door up and down

Adjusting the door if the door doesn't finish at the desired point ie, the door has stopped short of the door is closing too hard and the motor belt is hanging out of the rail. The door has to be in the closed position to be able to enter the inching mode. 

  1. To enter the inching mode, press and hold the red learn button until CL appears on the display.
  2. Once CL is on the display you can then use the yellow + or blue - button to move the door in the desired direction. Each press of the + or - button will move the door 3 mm at a time. 
  3. Once at the desired position, press the green confirm button to confirm the door position and exit the inching mode. Now run the door the check the final door position. If the door still needs adjusting, repeat steps 1 to 3.

Dual coding handsets 

If you have two garage doors you can code one handset into both motors using two different buttons. 

  1. Delete ALL existing hand sets on BOTH motors before coding in any handsets. Use procedure "Deleting Handsets from a Motor" above on both motors with all handsets. 
  2. To dual code handsets press the red learn button once, then BU should appear on the display
  3. Once you see BU on the display, press the blue - button so RU appears on the display. 
  4. Once you have RU on the display press and hold a button on the handset until the light on the motor flashes rapidly and then goes out. 
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 2 on the other motor. Once you have RU on the display press and hold a different button on the handset. 
  6. Repeat all of the above steps until all handsets are coded. 



Setting the open and closed positions on the motor

If you come across a motor with LL on the display this generally  means that the motor hasn't done and initial travel set-up. This could be due to having no power on-site at time of installation or the circuit board has lost the settings. 

  1. Make sure the door is engaged into the motor. 
  2. Press the green confirm button once and the door should start to close. This initial close cycle will press hard into the ground and then open to the full opening height. It will then travel down into the closed position with a soft finish. 
  3. Once the door has finished the LL on the display should go out, which means the travel limits have been set. 

NOTE: If you have had to put more tension on a door after its initial installation, you will need to reset the motor so it can re-learn the weight of the door again. You can do this by opening the door half way with the motor and once you have the door in this position you will need to press and hold the red learn button until LL appears on the display. Once LL appears, release the red learn button and then press the green confirm button and let the door go through its set up. Once finished setting up the door is ready to be used as normal. 



E9 on the display stands for a hall sensor fault. This means replace the circuit board / replace fuse. SERVICE REQUIRED.

E5 / E6 on the display means that the door is not balanced correctly. It either has too much tension or not enough tension. SERVICE REQUIRED