Straight and true, backed by Stoddart

Steel framing is the smart choice for builders looking to take their product quality to the next level cost-effectively. Its compatibility with conventional building products and techniques and superior spanning for design freedom and flexibility allow your homes to shine. Plus your customers will love a house that's not susceptible to termites, is pesticide free and will reduce ongoing maintenance and structural issues.

Stoddart supplies and installs steel framing and structural steel for:

  • Detached housing
  • Independent living estates
  • Multi-residential
  • Commercial

Why steel?

A build in steel provides many benefits, which explains its rising popularity:

  • Square and true angles.
  • Frames and trusses that aren’t chemically-treated.
  • A better overall fit and finish.
  • Less maintenance due to steel staying straight and strong.
  • 100% termite proof.

There are many reasons why Stoddart is a trusted, proven steel framing supplier and installer:

  • We’re your one-stop steel shop – for framing as well as structural steel. We supply to plan, and provide all the necessary inclusions like bolts and tiedowns to make your life easier.
  • We offer end-to- end support, from design through to installation, with the backing of full technical assistance. We’ll even help you convert your timber frame design to the ideal steel frame system. And you can save costs by considering upfront how the steel frame will interact with follow up trades.
  • We supply top quality, Australian-made TRUECORE Steel that’s backed by a 50-year BlueScope Steel warranty.
  • We supply engineering certifications – Form 15 and 16.

It’s important to choose a steel framing supplier that provides full backup. When you choose Stoddart, you’re choosing a supplier that:

  • Uses 3D modelling software to design your frame from plans. Having access to 3D modelling will help you understand how the frame interacts with other building elements and trades. See demo.
  • Provides full technical information, including trade interaction guides and data sheets.
  • Takes responsibility for the structural design and certification.
  • Offers optional installation by qualified and experienced installers. Includes dedicated supervision, comprehensive WH&S standards, a complete Q&A check, and on‑site training if required.

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