Your Garage Door: The Gateway to Your Home

When you're building a new house you'll get the chance to make it your own during the colour selection process. When you start choosing upgrades, you usually look first to the inside. You want more functional storage space, granite or marble bench tops, or new hardwood floors. You probably aren't even thinking about your garage door. 

But you really should.

Let's face it: garage doors are overworked and under appreciated. Before you say, "But it's just a garage door," take a look at how a garage door upgrade can make a big difference for your home.

Street Appeal

You want your new home to stand out and it feels good to live in a clean, attractive house; keeping your home up-to-date makes the entire neighbourhood look good, too.

A garage door is a major feature and truly is the gateway to your home. It takes up far more space than your entry way and can draw more attention than even the best landscaping. A beautiful garage door can change the look of your entire home.

Choose from a variety of styles and colours to find a door that perfectly suits your house for a modern, polished look.

Our standard Colorbond range is available in:

  • Four door profiles featuring classic and contemporary designs.

  • Window options (Regency and Georgian profiles only).

  • 20 + colour options

  • 10 timber look options giving you the beauty of timber with the strength of steel

Or if you're looking to take it to a whole new level why not look at designing one of our fully customisable doors. Our custom doors, manufactured by Danmar, offer excellent value for money and allow you the freedom to design a garage door that truly reflects the style of your home at a price that suits your budget

  • Traditional and contemporary designs

  • Timber garage doors crafted from the finest Western Red Cedar

  • Modern designs incorporating aluminium mesh, acrylic, polycarbonate and glass options combine security and style whilst filling your garage with light

  • Combine the traditional feel of timber with the contemporary style of modern materials

Stoddart Group Custom Garage Door

You take time and effort to choose a beautiful front door, to tend your lawn, and to keep a fresh coat of paint on your exterior. The same care should apply to selecting a garage door, and we're happy to work with you to customise it to your specifications.

And when it does come time to sell your home, that top-of-the-line garage door adds value to your house and draws attention from potential buyers.


On the typical home, the garage door is used more than the front door, which means you're putting a lot of miles on it. You want a high-quality door and expert installation. Our in-factory installation of struts and hinges means higher quality and better performance for years.


The Stoddart Group garage doors feature a patented "Pivot-Lock" hinge system, which is installed in the door panel at the factory, allowing for greater control and precision. Our “finger safe” doors are uniquely designed to prevent your fingers from getting pinched or stuck, which is an especially important feature if you have children.

Garage Door Manufacturer

Strength and Durability

What if you could get a garage door that's 40 percent stronger than your current door? Our "Strong Strut" technology is fully bonded to the top and bottom of the door panel for better load distribution and a much stronger door overall.

Peace and Quiet

The rollers allow for smooth, quiet door operation. There's no metal grating on metal as you open and close the door, so you're less likely to disturb (or be disturbed) when opening the garage door early in the morning or late at night.

Don't overlook your garage door when it comes to upgrading your home, not only for appearance, but also for safety, reliability, and durability. From the timeless beauty of natural timber to the sleek, modern look of aluminum mesh, there's a garage door that will suit the style of your home and your personal preference. Whatever you envision for the front of your home, the experts at the Stoddart Group can make it a reality.